An Online Memorial Site

Death is an inevitable part of life. However, this fact never makes the passing of a loved one any easier. It hurts and may be a painful feeling that you continue to experience throughout your life. Table of Love is dedicated to those who have lost a loved one and to help you work through your grief as well as celebrate who your loved one was to you and to those around you during their life.

Why Keep Your Loved One’s Memory Alive?

It is easy to focus on the loss as you grieve for your loved one. However, it is also important to celebrate your friend or family member who has passed and the life they lived. There has never been and will never be anyone like them and keeping their memory alive is a great way to continue to connect with them in a meaningful way, but also to grieve and connect with others who knew them.

Memorial ideas for the deceased are plentiful, and you may want to celebrate and remember your loved one in many different ways. One easy way to create a lasting memorial for your loved one is through an online memorial site like Table of Love. Our platform allows you to create a page that can provide you and others a lasting space to remember your loved one.

Share Their Values & Strengths

With an online memorial, you can share your loved one’s values and strengths. You can share their dedication to their faith or even their aversion to particular foods — their memorial page is about them. When you share more about who your loved one was, you can not only remember all the reasons why they were special to you, but could inspire yourself and others to follow their example and to carry on their legacy through embracing their values.

Educate About the Journey of Life

Creating a memorial post on our website can also be a great way to educate yourself and others about the journey of life. Whether by our own design or how life events happen, everyone’s life journey is different. By learning about your loved one’s life journey, you may find inspiration to follow your own path or experience solace in how your own journey has turned out. When creating a page dedicated to your loved one, you may see even more so that life isn’t about the destination but about the journey.